Friday, August 26, 2011

SDCC Exclusive 8" Old Lion-O

It makes me laugh when something is labeled "Exclusive" when it is readily available outside of that event. The downside is that you usually pay a premium. That's much better than the premium of paying for flights and hotels, waiting in line etc. I will gladly pay double. Fortunately for me, in this case I didn;t have to pay a premium. I just logged into Toys R Us's site and ordered me one. I took the liberty of using my $5 coupon while I was at it. So I paid $34.99 plus shipping which came out to even less than what they were asking for at the show and MUCH less than what eBay is asking. Anyways, here is a quick look. I haven't decided whether or not I will pull it out of the box since its the same as the standard release..except this one does gave a fancier paint job, chrome Swords of Omens and a sword stand.

Someone at TRU decided to toss this thin box into a big box with no packing material. I've seen unboxings of this figure from TRU and they got air pillows...come on now TRU! Where's the love?
There have been a lot of complaints of the unpainted foot joints and dramatic weathering paint apps this figure has, they are too unrealistic and overdone supposedly. Maybe, but it does have chrome swords!
Old Lion-O next to his new 2011 self (which is a darn good figure BTW).

Will online prices drop? Will TRU have enough to go around at $40? Don't know, but don't procrastinate either unless you don't give a darn about the exclusive features (fancy paint, chrome, stand).

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