Thursday, August 18, 2011

Toynami Shogun Warriors Armored Fleet Dairugger Voltron Jumbo Vinyl

I pre-ordered this guy LONG ago but I didn't have the money to own him so I had to wait a while. Well, I finally got him yesterday but not without a little drama. You see this was shipped out from the same place with another box. The other box got here 2 weeks ago but this one didn't. I had to wait to see if it would pop up. Finally the store got back to me to tell me that my Post Office had been sitting on it all this time! Seriously, this gigantic box didn't get in anybody's way the whole two weeks? Nobody ventured to ask, "Hey, does anybody know why this enormous box is still here?" Anyways I got it today. After all I waited over 6 months for it, what's another 2 weeks?
No. 188 of 500
They finally sent me the outer box! My Golion was sent without this important box so my Golion could be #1 out of 500 but I will never know because they felt they needed to throw away a perfectly good outer box and stick it in another box. At least this one came with it.

What's really cool is what's inside the outer box.

The box is HUGE. Here it is next to the smaller 9" Toynami vinyl Voltron.

What's even cooler is what's inside that huge box.


What's not so cool is all those darn twist-ties that need to be removed!

Free at last. This thing is tall. 2 feet tall to be exact. It's like a small child. Shown with the smaller Toynami vinyl.

Here by himself in all his glory.

They shipped him with this cardboard block for support. He doesn't feel as solid as the Golion but this dude rocks!

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