Friday, August 26, 2011

$30 for a Transformer?! Target Exclusive Leadfoot

Today I was working on a review for and I hear my wife scream "$30? You paid $30 for a Transformer?!" I said "Umm yeah" I was going to go on about how it's an exclusive and they always disappear from the shelves so it's good to get em while you can, but I left well enough alone. Now, I'm not a big fan of Human Alliance figures...wait, it's not so much the figures but the fact that they are movie designs. The toys are high quality, but it's movie designs which make me wanna stick my finger in my mouth and gag. However, this one is special. Do you know who Juan Pablo Montoya is? He is the driver of the #42 Target Nascar car. So? Well he is Colombian like me although from a different city, but I thought it was cool that a person from my country is sort of associated with the Transformers franchise. Unfortunately, his name and flag do not appear above the doors. However, I can easily change that one day. I plan to customize it into looking more like his current car and have it display his name and flag. I still can't believe I paid $30 for a movie figure...a tubby fat looking one no less. Oh well.
Supposedly that's a Sergeant Detour figure, but we all know it's Juan Pablo Montoya with his helmet on.


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