Friday, August 5, 2011

KO G1 Optimus Prime

Most people are tired of seeing this guy. I mean he's like more than 30 years old and there is a zillion reviews and pictures of this guy. So here is a zillion and one, except it's not a review, just a quick glance at it. MAYBE just MAYBE I will do a video of it, but I doubt it. Sorry

Front of the box.

Tray and Instructions/sticker pack. Points for the use of Styrofoam. Ziplock bag for the accessories not so nice.

Cab and trailer mode.

Robot mode. Not as cool as what you see on screen, but a classic figure. Chrome is really nice on this figure.

The quality seems OK, I had a nice time trying to get one of his legs to fold down, but it finally did and doesn't seem to seize up anymore. I was never into the trailer opening up so it's stowed away in the box. This figure is nice enough to look good displayed with my other Transformers so I say it was a worthwhile purchase. Even displaying in the box is cool. Chrome is nice, plastic seems to be of good quality. Doesn't scream KO like some others. Now I just need some quality stickers. Not a fan of KO stickers. Stay tuned for more, I have other KO's in my collection

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