Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bandai Thundercats 6" Lion-O figure

On my way to the Chogokin Summit, I stopped by this little Toys R Us on the side of the highway I was on. Didn't expect to find much, but I hit a homerun. I walked in and headed for the Transformers isle. I found Masterpiece Rodimus. SWEET. Walk over one Isle and I found a crapload of Thundercats toys. I wasn't really prepared to buy anything as I was saving my money for the Summit, so I only got Lion-O, Mumm-Ra and Panthro 6" figures and Mumm-Ra and Tigra 4" figures. They had others but I had to resist.

I opened the Lion-O just to see what was up and I fell in love. This figure is SOO cool. While I only collect Japanese figures, I was very surprised at how well done this figure was. After all Bandai makes a lot of the poseable figures I collect from Japan. Somehow this one seemed much cooler than the $50 figures they offer because it was just as cool if not cooler than some of the Japanese stuff, but it was also cheaper! I recommend this toy, even if it's not a robot.

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