Friday, August 26, 2011

TRU Haul

Ever pass by a Toys R Us and then contemplate whether to go in or not, all in the name of not spending money? That happened to me the other day. I went to move into the far lane to enter the plaza and then blew it off...never went. Felt good. There probably wasn't anything good I thought to myself. Old stock probably. Continued on my merry way. Then later in the day, on the way home I swerved over to catch the U-turn to go to the TRU and my wife asked "What are you doing?....Going to TRU?" I gave her such a poop eating grin and she laughed at me. Hell yeah I'm going, I feel lucky!

So we went Masterpiece Rodimus's, no good Generations figures...So I hit the Thundercats isle which was RANSACKED on release day expecting to find an empty shelf... and it was empty except for a few unloved 4" Mumm-Ra's (really? he is super cool!). But right below was a 6" Lion-O, then a 4" Lion-O, 4"Tigra, Thundertanks, vehicles....then HOLY MOLY, an 8" Classic Tigra! Is there a Lion-O? problem, I have the Exclusive version so all was good. THEN I look down and see a MASSIVE Lion-O figure. S#!t I thought... Which one should I get? I just told my wife I have no cash! Then a little Lion-O appeared on my shoulder and said...tell her each one cost $10 so it doesn't sound expensive! Awesome idea little Lion-O dude! Score. So there I am with my baby daughter in her car seat laying in the cart and a huge box sticking out. My wife is like WTH is that? She looked and saw a big Lion-O and just rolled her eyes. Then she noticed Tigra...she asked "How much?" I said "$20" then she shrugged it off and continued to look at baby products. I love my wife. So today she screams out "$30?!! you paid $30 for a Transformer?" All I could say is "Umm yeah? But that's another story. I gotta go throw out the receipt for these guys.

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