Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Daisuke Fukuda - The man behind the awesome Toynami Voltrons!

You know, sometimes we get so ties up in the awesomeness of our robots that we never bother to think about the guy that labored for hours on end to great what we love. While some remain forever forgotten and anonymous, some are brought into the light for us to see. One of those peopl is Daisuke Fukuda. I believe he even used to post on Robot-Japan. I think he had made an Optimus Prime. Anyways, this guy brought you the famous Voltron Masterpiece sculpt and the great little vinyls that followed. He also did the Robotech stuff. This guy is so cool. I myself have a black Voltron with his autograph. These photographs of Daisuke aren't mine. I got them long ago off the internets. If I owe credit to anyone, please let me know who.

Check out the Optimus Prime he scratch-built!

As if sculpting awesome Voltrons doesn't make him cool enough, he is a fan of MAIDEN! METAAAALLLLL!

I wonder if the one he is signing here is the one I own?
This is the figure he is signing above which he sculpted.
These are just some of his other sculpts:
Masterpiece Diecast/Anniversary Plastic

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