Friday, August 26, 2011

Summit Haul: Soft Garage Legend of Gokin Tetsujin 28

I remember reading a review on this very same figure, literally this very same figure. I came upon it online and realized it was my buddy from CDX selling it so I asked him to bring it to the Summit. At the Summit it came time to decide whether or not I wanted it and I kind of had no money to pick it up. In the end I decided that I would regret not getting it, so home with me it went. I'm so happy I got this. It's stunning. Not as "sharp" as your standard Gokin release, but it is one heavy solid mofo. The box is styled a bit like old Popy boxes with awesome box graphics.
 The back has some cool pictures and info.
 Here is the contents in a beautiful styro tray. Looks so good you can eat it. See the little radio above his head? It is SOLID Diecast. Awesome. Look at the amazing gloss on his body. This thing is pure quality.
 I almost did try to eat this figure because it almost looks like candy, but I broke some teeth. Instead I just stare at its gokin beauty. Paint is beautiful, it's heavy due to being practically ALL Diecast, and it's a cute Tetsujin. If you want a light floppy figure, look elsewhere.

If you want to see him in the CDX review, click here.
ShogunDan (R.I.P.) also did a review on the variant color of this guy, the Karoria Tetsujin (Mass Production) version, so check it out.

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